Body Work Repair & Paint Spraying

Body Work Repair and Paint Spraying with Award Winning Quality in Warwickshire & the Midlands

Double H Restorations have built up a wealth of experience for classic car restorations which have made us the choice for classic car restoration specialists in Warwickshire and the Midlands. Our customers cars have become the standard for award-winning attention for body work repair and paint spraying and have been featured in many enthusiast publications.

As well as full bare metal show-winning paintwork we also undertake minor repairs on high-end prestige cars, both old and new (including insurance work), as well as repairs to racing cars.

From full restorations and body work repairs to full bare metal resprays on cars, our work has gone on to win attention and accolades around the country, including multiple best of show trophies.

Few people are aware of the attention to detail that is required on body work projects of this standard, such as attaining proper panel fit and achieving panel gaps that exceed manufacturers original benchmarks.

With many different standards of paint work, it is the connoisseur (and the judges) that can tell in excruciating detail the difference between a shiny car and a flawless shiny car. This is precisely what separates us from others in the industry. Our presentation is consistently awarded because of our detailed eye in the creation of our quality work.

As classic car restoration specialists, we are used to dealing with car bodies under all sorts of conditions and it has given us the edge in transforming something ordinary into something special.

Body Work Services we specialise in:


Body Work Repair

Full bodywork repairs including panel beating, fabrication, lead loading, mig/tig welding and setting perfect panel gaps, ensuring the best foundation step in beginning auto bodywork preparation.


Media Blasting

We use all forms of media blasting (dependent upon the surface and material in question), while simultaneously ensuring rust and oxidation have been eradicated.


Bare Metal Resprays

Ensuring the preservation of your paintwork, we utilise specialty anti-corrosion coatings that provide a layer of additional protection that insulates your investment from the elements.


Accident Repairs

Whether yours is a treasured older vintage or a newer modern car, we undertake insurance repairs, full bodywork repairs, or even minor repairs, we meet only the highest quality standards.


Paint Rectification and Detailing

After years of abuse from the elements and general wear and tear, paint can lose its gloss and become covered in minute scratches and swirls. We can restore the glow and shine back into a paint finish using various expert detailing techniques.


Paint Spraying

All paintwork is done in our ovenbake spraybooth for a clean, flawless finish, whether it’s a show-winning paint job or blending a repair into aged older paint.

We hope this provides you with some understanding about the level of serious, quality car restoration, as well as the attention to detail we give all welding, paint spraying and bodywork projects we pursue. If you want to have a chat with us about your project you can contact us via the website or give Steve or Nick a ring, directly. We are based in the heart of the English countryside, but host customers from all over the country, and in these cases can send regular photo updates to keep you in touch with your investment and the proactive management of our work.

Whether it is bringing life back to your classic, or a competitive spirit that fuels your inquiry, we are happy to assist you with achieving your welding, paint spraying and bodywork project goals.